5 Easy Money Saving Tips on Target

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Target is one of the most popular stores in America. There are thousands of people who look up to shopping from Target on regular basis. The chain is serving at around 2000 locations and they generate the revenue of billions of dollars per year.

Like many big stores, Target is also selling stuff as a well established brand. If you are looking for the trust and quality of a good brand you have to pay the price for it. Same is the case with Target. If you want their products, which are one of the best across the whole country without any doubt, you should prepare yourself to pay a decent price.

While many people only see this as a luxury brand, the company has a wide range of products to address the needs of variety of people. So, you can expect their items to be in various price range. There are several ways with which you can save decent money while shopping from Target. Here, we will discuss 5 easy money saving tips on target including the target coupon codes.

Target Weekly Deals

The weekly deals are one of the most attractive things for customers. Individuals tend to keep an eye on the weekly deals so that they can capture the items they are looking for. Target offers weekly ad with which you can get to know about the current great deal going on in the week. The deals start every Sunday so you should check their weekly ad each Sunday to get to know what is in store for you.

Use Coupons

One of the most common ways by which people get decent discounts on retail stores is with the help of coupons. This is not something exclusive to target when we talk about money saving. Many stores release their coupons to allow people to acquire some discount. But that does not mean you can use coupon of any store on target.

However, target does allow the coupon stacking. This means that you are permitted to get the manufacturer coupons and combine them with store coupons. So, you can ultimately end up with a bigger discount and enjoy more price off of your purchase.

In order to acquire target promo for outdoor furniture, you can get help from the internet. The official website of Target also provides you certain coupons. You may also find promo codes on the websites that are dedicated for coupon codes and provide individuals with coupons from various stores. Don’t forget that if you have already shopped from Target, your receipt may also include the coupon code.

Price Matching

Target is one of the biggest stores in US and they have some really amazing policies that are pleasing for their customers. If you purchase something from Target or find any item being sold there which is overpriced as compared to the competitors, you can always get it on the lower price. The price matching includes the websites of target, amazon, Walmart, bestbuy, babiesRUs, ToysRUs as well as the local ads that are printed by the competitors.

To avail this offer, you have to come to Target. Go to their service desk and take your receipt along with a proof of the lower price.


Markdowns are one of the best ways to save money on Target products. There is a vivid schedule according to which Target proceeds with its markdown. One can avail the best price via markdown after the holidays.

Moreover, the seasonal clearance is also a friend for people who want to have huge discounts on numerous items. Generally, you have 50% off on the products of the company the day after holiday. 75% and 90% discount can be availed if you shop after 3 days or after a week respectively.

The Dollar Spot

In front of store there is usually a Dollar Spot where you can get items for as low as $1. Yes! At Target, you can actually purchase things for a single dollar. However, be aware that there are things that you actually need and then there are things that you don’t. So, stay away from the ones that are unnecessary.

These are a few ways to save money on Target. If you are about to shop here, don’t forget to look for the target promo for outdoor furniture and target weekly deals.