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How To Get a Sephora Free Sample in 2019

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Most of the individuals look forward to bath and cosmetic products. They have become an integral part in our day to day life. Many people don’t compromise on the quality of the items they purchase. Especially, when it comes to bath and cosmetic products, you want things to be top notch.

Sephora has really made a huge name in this niche. They provide some of the best items that you may use in baths or for the cosmetic purposes. An immense collection of brands and products along with stunning client service makes them a standout.

Many people use the Sephora promo codes in order to get a decent discount on their purchases. However, what you may not know is that there are times when sales team actually offers you a free product as a sample to try out. According to the store’s policies, you can acquire some great cosmetic items for free.

Free samples in-store

The Sephora salesperson are also known as the Cast Members. They are allowed to give potential customers free samples of various products. Starting from one free sample all the way up to three or more, you can get several products without paying a penny for them.

However, going in-store and asking for a free sample straightaway won’t be a wise move. One has to portray himself or herself as a potential customer who is looking forward to buy something from the store. When the salesperson sees you as a potential customer, he or she will be happier to offer a free sample.

Moreover, going in when things are crowded and salesperson are busy and asking for a sample may end up in a refusal. So, be sure that you are going for a free sample when salesperson has a downtime and things are not too busy.

Also, querying the cashier for a free product isn’t a good move. If you want something, for instance an eyeshadow or a perfume, be sure to ask for it at the relevant desk. The person dealing with these products is much more likely to fulfill your demand.

If you manage to acquire free samples, don’t forget to express your gratitude. Thank the cast members and express your joy. Don’t forget to test the items and report back as this may help you in securing more free samples in future.

Shopping over the internet

Some of you may think that the in-store shopping has become old and outdated. You might be among the people who shop online. Considering your demands, Sephora also has a dedicated online portal for its customers to help them acquire their favorite products from the comfort of their couch. But how will you ask for a free sample over the internet?

Go to their websites and locate their ‘beauty deals’ page which generally comes with numerous coupons and free samples. Choose a current deal and use the Sephora coupons to get a good deal. Add the items to your cart that are required to fulfill the deal and request the free samples. The option may appear at the top of the page.

Once you request the samples, a page will get open in front of you which allows you to pick the product of your choice. Unlike stores, the product range is limited and you can select the sample only from the give list of items.

As you have selected the samples, checkout from the store. Don’t forget to use the Sephora promo code which will assist you in securing a handsome deal.

Final words

So, these are a few ways to get Sephora free samples. It is suggested that one should go for in-store shopping if he or she is looking for a free product. Acquiring it over the internet can be a tough ask. However, if you are too shy and can’t ask for it directly in-store, you may find the website option helpful.

Just make sure that you are polite and friendly towards the cast members. If you are denied a sample, don’t get frustrated. Always try to search for the Sephora coupons as they can help you in availing free products. Moreover, the Sephora promo code also come in handy to get discount on your purchase.