How to Save More From American Eagle Discount

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Though the clothes at the American eagle aren’t so much expensive and they are at a competitively lower price as compared to other normal retailers like there are many. But being relatively affordable doesn’t mean that you skip the chance for getting even lower prices. Following mentioned are some of the key ways to get American Eagle discount:

1- AE-REWARDS account

AEREWARDS is actually an American Eagle’s reward program which is for free and it lets the users get points for the purchases that they make either online or at the store. To get the free card, you need to fill the application form at the store or you can simply sign up online. This card works in a specific way like if you will earn 100 points, you will get 15 percent of a birthday coupon. Eating 200 points will make you get 20 percent off while having the score of 350 would let you have a 30 percent off and so on. These points are calculated after every three months and discounts are awarded to the customers.

2- Coupon Codes

AE Promo codes are frequently offered to grant discounts to the customers and there are some free shipping offers too. You can get to know about these codes online through websites.

3- American Eagles Outfitters Credit card

You can either signup for the AEO credit card which benefits you with the 15 percent of discount whenever you will use the card for first-time. Moreover, when you have the AEO credit card, you have the chance to earn $10 extra savings and a birthday coupon of 20 percent. You can also enjoy various cardholders offerings throughout the year. If you are sure that you can pay the balance amount of the card each month, get an AEO card issued for you.

4- AE Email

You can also sign up for the mailing list of AE (American Eagle) and this is how you will automatically be notified by the American Eagle regarding various discount offers, and coupons. Other than the offers, you will also receive the emails about in-store information and event updates which you must not miss to get a good deal of discount.

5- AE Mobile Alerts

Singing up with AE Mobile alerts is another convenient way for you to get notified regarding available discounts and offers at American Eagle. Some standard charges for the messages will be there but you will be notified every time regarding a discount offer or an event through a message.

6- AE Mobile App

American Eagle has its mobile application which is compatible with both IOS and Android. This app is completely free to download and once you have downloaded the app, you will get the notifications about all deals and discounts directly on your phone or tablet.  Moreover, once you have the AE app,  you will have extra points for checking in to the AEREWARDS account, buying things and  a lot of other things

7- Follow on Social media

This is an obvious thing, to get more details and information regarding the discounts and deals at American Eagle, you can simply like its social media page and get all the updates regularly. All the new deals and discounts are posted continuously on the social media accounts of American Eagle.

8- Discounted gift cards

Another option which you can try is to buy American Eagle discounted gift cards which normally have the off of 5-15 percent on their face value on different websites.

9- Get a job at AE

If really are an AE’s clothes lover and you are a job seeker as well, so you must try for a retail job at the American Eagle. The main reason behind getting that job is that AE values its employees. Moreover,  they provide a lot of discount options to their employees and the discount ratio doesn’t always remain the change and keeps on changing according to the changing work conditions.

10- Shop through factory store

You can also avail the chance of shopping through the factory outlet of American Eagle where the prices of clothes are normally 10-60 percent lower as compared to the similar items offered online or at the store for sale.