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How to Save Big On Target 2019



The 21st century is the era of consumer goods more than anything because we are in the search of accessibility, convenience and customer 24/7. And exactly how easy would it be for us if we are able to find absolutely everything within the same store? Yes!


For this, we have Target and as discussed on 5 Things That Should Know About Target Promotional Offers ,Target is a chain of retail stores which has spread all over the world and is ranked as the 11th largest retail store chains around the globe. Target has over 1800 across the United States of America alone and is known for its wide variety of products that too in extremely reasonable and fairly low price ranges. You can actually purchase anything from Target, be it routinely groceries or fashionista clothes, furniture or home appliances, gadgets or home décor, when we say anything, we mean, anything.

Saving money

It is almost as if a human instinct that when you go out to buy something, you tend to visit more than one shop to see where it is the cheaper at. Also we tend to rush towards stores when we hear about an upcoming sale rather than on the regular days where he items of that store are available on full price. Why is this so?

This is because we are aware of the value of money, regardless of how comfortable we are in our lives, money can always be used for better things than just waste them on things which could be bought cheaper. Plus, it never hurt anyone to save a few extra bucks from the routine groceries, pile that up and years later, your child is ready for college.

How to save money in Target?

Since target is already a low-priced retail store as compared to the others, thus only choosing Target over the others, you are doing pretty much a lot. Here are some other additional tricks you can avail to save those extra bucks.

  • Pick your own day:

Target has a bunch of ideas to hint its guests for better cheaper purchase and one of these Target Promotional Offers include the schedule of deals on certain sections. For example, on Monday, Target offers discount deals on clearance electronics, kids clothing and stationary, books and accessories. On Tuesday, deals are available on Domestic goods, pets, women’s clothing. Wednesdays are lucky for men’s clothing, health and beauty items, furniture. Thursdays are for houseware, toys, sports equipment, décor, luggage and Fridays are good for Auto, cosmetics, jewelry.

  • Coupon:

Target Coupons are yet another amazing way to save. You can make use of these by printing coupons before you go on their official website for coupons. They can also be available at Target application for coupons. There are even times when Target is generous enough to punch in coupons on your receipts, so you already have it. Target is also one of the very few places which allows you to stack coupons and by doing so, you would be surprised that some items may fall in free in your cart as well.

  • Check the End caps:

The ends of the aisle which are normally facing the wall are a major life hack. These mostly include items of choice which are marked way down as much as 15% to 70%. Although you would need to do a little but digging in to search for ‘clearance’.

  • Remain active online:

If you wish to avail those clearance items but you are more of an online shopper, especially at times when you do not feel like dealing with the parking lot issues at Target, they have this covered for you as well. Target retail stores has an online clearance e section which include items from almost every department. Often at times of clearance sale, online website may get crowded and you are left scrolling through long pages of items, but need not worry even about this factor because the website is well developed and has even the clearance item section characterized for you to reach your destination in no time at all.

Target is an amazing retail store that offers tons of chances for you to save your money, all you need to do is remain a little diligent and grab the opportunity when you can.

6 Tips To Save On Target




It’s now has been a long time for Target to be one of the most favorite stores in America and according to a rating of the National Retail Federation, it ranks # 7 in the list of top favorite retail stores in the year 2015. Target is a chain of retail stores having a total number of 1,805 stores. Following mentioned are some of the tips for you to use to save more at


1- Check For Ads

You would never know that there is a sale on Target unless you check for the ads. You need to make sure that you check the ads weekly so that you can be updated regarding new deals and offer to get the advantage of savings at target. Every Sunday there are new promotions on the site of Target.

2- Check For The Markdowns

Target always has some markdowns and they are especially there on holidays. If you want to have great clearance items, most of the chances are there for you to find them on endcaps.  Following mentioned is the complete unofficial schedule for weekly markdown:

– Stationary, books, kid’s clothing, electronics, and accessories on Monday

– Food items, pets, women’s clothing, and domestics on Tuesday

– Garden and lawn, health and beauty, and men’s clothing on Wednesday

– Decor and luggage, sporting goods, toys, shoes, lingerie, and Housewares on Thursday

– Jewelry, home improvement, cosmetics, hardware, and auto on Friday

Seasonal clearance

Seasonal clearance is another option and one of the best ways to save on items which you would want to have for your next day holiday season. Normally the seasonal items discounts work in the following ways for Target:

– 90 percent off a week after the holidays

– 75 percent off three days after the holidays

– 50 percent off the day after the holiday

Once the discounts have reached 90 percent, of course, there wouldn’t be anything more, but still, you can search for something new.

Final clearance

If you encounter a situation in which you see an item whose price is ending on $.06 or if $.08, that item would then is to be marked down further. But if there is a situation in which the price reaches $.04, then you must understand that there is no more space for the item to be marked any lower. Such item is then called to be marked for the final clearance.

3- Make Use of Coupons

If you want to save, the coupons could be another best way to save. Following mentioned are the four ways in which you can use the coupons at Target:

  • There are coupons available for Target on the website, you need to take a print of them.
  • You can also check on the Target app for coupons
  • You can search for the coupons online
  • Sometimes there are coupons included on your receipt from Target so don’t forget to check that.

4- Stack Coupons

Once you have got your coupons, it is now the time for you to stack those coupons which in simple words mean that you need to double dip them. Target is that retailer which allows its customers to stack the coupons this means that are Target, you can combine the store coupons with the manufacturer coupons. You can even try to get some items for free just by stacking.

5- Use Price Matching

Target also provides its customers with a chance of price matching which is simpler as in this if you have found an item of Target which has been sold to at the better price at,,,,, or at or at any other sales point, you then simply need to bring the original sale receipt to the Target service desk within the seven days of that sale, Target will honor that price for you.

 6- Use the Target App

Using the target app can help you in getting the Target discount. This app is simple to install from Google play or from the iTunes store on Apple.

You can either use the Cartwheel app for a target that is a good way of getting Target promo and a lot of discount offers. You can stack the coupons using this app.